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OEM/ODM Process

OEM/ODM Process


Create a unique service system in the industry to truly make customers feel at home.


The whole-process babysitting documentary service model saves time, worry and effort.


Xiyan is committed to clearing the various obstacles in the upstream, midstream and downstream of the cosmetics industry, forming strategic alliances with excellent raw material suppliers, packaging suppliers, and advertisers, making it the most complete cosmetics OEM industrial chain cluster at home and abroad. OEM customers provide meticulous and thoughtful services, allowing customers to quickly open the situation with the least time cost and the least capital investment, win the terminal, and optimize the customer brand value to the greatest extent.




Xiyan has mature, systematic, professional and powerful resources, including investment planning, market positioning, brand planning, visual design, from research and development, production, management, quality inspection, to raw material/material suppliers and warehousing logistics under the control of the GMP system The internet.


ODM is the abbreviation of "Original Design Manufacturer", usually literally translated as "Original Design Manufacturer". Xiyan’s ODM is a systematic and comprehensive service project. With years of industry experience, Xiyan provides customers with one-stop full-process supporting value-added services, including brand registration, product planning, packaging design, provision of three certificates, and formulation research and development. , Procurement of packaging materials, product filling, product filing, etc. Cutting-edge technology, win-win cost, comprehensive service, fast response, and direct communication fully demonstrate the worry-free and professional service of Xiyan ODM.


ODM (independent research and development + integrated production) project development process


OEM is the abbreviation of "Original Equipment Manufacturer", usually translated as "OEM" or "Original Equipment Manufacturer". Xiyan's OEM service of "cutting-edge technology, reasonable cost, fast service, and direct communication" is highly favored by customers. No huge investment is required, saving you consulting fees and operating costs in all aspects. It’s up to you to produce high-quality cosmetics that meet international standards according to your market needs.


OEM Project Development Process


Advantages of cosmetic OEM/ODM processing


1. The cosmetics ODM processing manufacturer is responsible for the whole process from design to production of the product, which minimizes the cost of customers and saves customers time, effort, worry and money.

2. Able to freely, independently and flexibly produce products with its own brand or circulation advantages. It's up to you, according to your wishes, without huge investment, saving the cost of each link

3. It can effectively reduce the cost of brand promotion and realize low-cost operation. Nowadays, the cost of brand marketing has increased exponentially compared to ten or twenty years ago, and the cost of production must be reduced to a minimum. The emergence of ODM just solves the problem of merchants’ product production, so that merchants can spend the least Money to produce your own products.

4. Make it a reality for customers to create their own brands. At present, the trend of the beauty and makeup industry to develop with merchants' own brands is emerging all over the country. It is through ODM processing methods that merchants can still own their own products without the need to build factories. This was almost impossible before ODM appeared.

5. Enable customers to go all out and concentrate on promoting the brand. Most businesses are good at selling, but lack the technology for production and processing. Cosmetic ODM processing methods,

Doing tedious production problems for merchants enables merchants to use their strengths and avoid weaknesses, concentrate on promoting the brand, and achieve a multiplier effect.

Cosmetic OEM/ODM processing service project

① Assist customers in market analysis, provide professional brand planning and brand packaging design.

② Consultation on raw materials, formulas, packaging and manufacturing technology.

③ Inspection of semi-finished products and finished products, acceptance of packaging materials.

④ Processing of semi-finished products and finished products.

⑤ Warehousing and freight management services.

⑥ Provide quality inspection and health inspection agency services.

⑦ Provide customers with office space and accommodation in the factory.

⑧ Provide business license.

⑨ Agency registration of trademarks.

⑩ Provide information barcode declaration service issued by China Articles Management Center.


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