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Whole Case Planning Process

Whole Case Planning Process

Whole Case Planning Process

Market Planning_Market 


Has cosmetics industry research consultants, marketing experts, 4A advertising agency background planners,Profession

A marketing planning team composed of marketing planning copywriting, etc., provides customers with high-quality planning services.

Service Content:

1. Market research: market research objectives, observation tests, data analysis, research reports
2. Product planning: market analysis and evaluation, product line planning, product positioning, product strategy
3. Brand strategy: brand research, brand positioning, brand planning, brand management
4. Brand culture: CI planning, value culture, image culture, cultural communication





Professional Design_Design 


Equipped with a professional design team to provide customers from brand design to product packaging

DesignedOne-stop service.

Service Content:
1. Brand design: VI design, image design
2. Product design: packaging design, packaging material design, terminal design
3. Advertising design: main visual design, poster design





After-Sales Service_Service


After the customer's product is put on the market, the Chenmei after-sales service team will conduct product feedback supervision,

Deal with product problems 24 hours a day. Through a summary analysis of market demand,

Irregular research and analysis of consumers, provide customers with product improvement suggestions,

Help customers win a wider market.

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